Riazor Dolphins


In the northwest of Spain there is a group of people called "Os Golfiños de Riazor" (Riazor Dolphins) in honor of the beach that welcomes them every day. No matter if it is cloudy, raining or if the sun is shining, the "Golfiños" show up gradually after 11:00 am to repeat once again their routine. One of them is Antonio, who has been coming daily for more than 14 years after undergoing surgery for colon cancer. He has captained an army of retirees willing to live their remaining life to the full. They exercise together with the material that the beach offers, swimming for a long time in the water. With the rubbish left by the tide on the sand, Antonio is responsible for creating hangers where they can leave the clothes. They drink coffee and talk until Antonio sounds the trumpet indicating the time of going home around 13:00 pm. With an average age of 70, they are entirely clear that they will keep coming as long as their bodies allow them to do it so. Since, as one of the character of Cocoon said, "Human beings should explore, no matter how old they are."